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You should politely remind your father. You can also inform family members who are concerned and make them aware of the reality of your share in the property. You need to be careful not to cause any insult or harm to the feelings of your father, even if you leave your share for him.


Sometimes mothers find it hard to accept that their children are adults. If the child is now a man, then he needs to be respected as a man, and not emasculated and controlled by a woman, even if that woman is his mother. If the child is a woman, the mother needs to understand  that by attempting to micromanage her daughter's life she is actually crippling her emotionally, and this will cause problems either with finding a husband for her daughter, or with her daughter's already existing marriage.  According to the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt (as), the respect due to parents is conditional upon how they treat their children. It is well known that according to ahadith, it is recommended that after the age of fourteen, the child should be treated as a 'friend', not as a seven-year-old. There is a non confrontational method of establishing boundaries called "grey rock", which you can find out more about on YouTube. You may also want to research "narcissistic" or "controlling" mothers, and something else called "emotional enmeshment". I will update this answer further with references inshaAllah.

You must tolerate and keep on tolerating no matter how much and how long your mother interferes or controls. Never show any reaction against her and avoid any word or less which can hurt your mother's feelings and dignity as your mother.


It would depend upon what music is being played; what lyrics there are. Rulings on music among scholars are diverse. Ayatollah Sistani says that it is not permissible to listen to music that is used for frivolous entertainment or sexual provocation, meaning that music that is NOT used for frivolous entertainment or sexual provocation may be listened to; for example, music that is composed to praise God. Interestingly, even the same ruling exists in Buddhism. You should have a discussion with the teacher to ask what kind of music they intend to teach, as unfortunately nowadays children are exposed to many indecent and adult-level sounds and images, even at school.