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Animals will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement and many animals will be Paradise like the Boraaq of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), the Camel-she of prophet Saleh (AS), the dog of the people of the Cave etc.


The Ghusl of Mayyit which is obligatory on every dead Muslim is enough for him.


The Hadeeth stating that who dies without allegiance to the Imam of his time, will die the death of Jahiliyyah (Ignorance) is a Mutawaatir Hadeeth which means narrated by many authentic narrators that can never jointly lie. 
It has been narrated in many Sunni references like:

1. Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, V. 28, P. 88.

2. Saheeh Muslim, V. 3, P. 1478.

3. Hilyatul Awliyaa' by al-Asbahani, V.3, P. 244.

4. Kitab Al-Sunnah by Ibn Abi 'Aasim , V.2, P.503.

5. Al-Sunan Al-Khubra by al-Bayhaqi, V.8, P. 270.

6. Saheeh ibn Hibbaan, V.10, P.434.

7. Sunan Abi Dawood, V.3, P.425.

8. Al-Mo'jam Al-Kabeer by al-Tabaraani, V.19, P.334. And many other Sunni books.
Main Shia books as well narrated this Hadeeth like:

Kitab Al-Kaafi by al-Kulaini 2; 21,

Kamaal Al-Deen by Al-Sadouq;2;409,

and Kifayat Al-Athar by Al-Khazzaz 296.


Qur'an 27:80-81 say: "Thou dost not make the dead hear; nor dost thou make the deaf hear the call when they turn their backs; nor canst thou guide the blind away from their error. Thou canst only make hear those who believe in Our signs and are submitters."

Some exegetes take this verse metaphorically, to mean that you cannot make a person who is dead in their heart to understand the call to the truth. Not that it is literally saying that it impossible for people who are physically deceased to hear anything from the living world. 

This seems to better fit with the context of the verses which are about how the Prophet (S) cannot force people to listen to or accept his message; the main idea of the verses is not about physical death and the deceased.

A similar idea in the Qur'an is: "Have they not journeyed upon the earth, that they might have hearts by which to understand or ears by which to hear? Truly it is not the eyes that go blind, but it is hearts within chests that go blind (22:46)." That is, it is not about physical blindness but rather a metaphorical blindness.

God knows best.