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No, insofar as there is not full agreement on the reliability of all hadith about commentary of the Qur'an that has been attributed to the Prophet (S) and Ahl al-Bayt (A). Probably, some of it is correct and some of it is incorrect. Also, we have probably lost a lot of material over history. This is apart from the fact that Shi'i tafsir, in particular, has not been translated extensively into English.

So you will still need to read various sources and investigate and put things together if you want to try to get as accurate a picture as possible. However, some suggestions in the meantime are:

* Read The Study Qur'an, ed. S. H. Nasr, and look specifically at the views from Shii commentators (the names of the commentators are given in parentheses). Of course there is no reason why Sunni commentators should not also have correct views sometimes, but I am just specifying this to give the best answer to the question here.
* Tafsir al-Ayyashi, trans. Nazmina Dhanji, which was just published.
* Reading the section on narrations in Tafsir al-Mizan (some of which is available online)
* Inshallah, ICAS Press is also planning to publish the translation of Tafsir al-Asfa soon, which is also heavily narration based and from a Shi'i lens.

Hope that helps! Maybe some people will also add some good sources.


Thank you for your question. This work is not considered to be sufficient in terms of authenticity, and the ascriptions cannot be taken at face value, although it is possible for someone experienced in the field to make use of some of the concepts if they appear in traditions that are of a higher value in terms of authenticity.

May you always be successful

Not all of the commentaries are completely authentic. Many commentaries contain unauthentic narrations or incorrect views or opinions. You need to seek guidance from sincere and knowledgeable scholars before taking any commentary fore granted. You can take the commentaries written by our big scholars according to the authentic narrations from the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (AS).


A Kaafir is someone who is ungrateful. This term is used for disbelievers because of all of the things Allah has given them they are ungrateful to Him and deny Him.