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If your intention was for a general charity, then you can give to to any charitable work including building Madrasah or Imambarah. But if your intention was a Sadaqa for poor people, then you need to give it to the poor people only as you had in your intention.


Yes it is true. Giving charity will never decrease your wealth, rather will cause more Barakah and brings more wealth. More charity you give for the sake of Allah, more wealth you will get from Allah. We have many Hadeeths in this regard.


There is no point in leaving it in the account because it will utilised by the non Muslim bank with no benefit to you or to any poor person. Utlizing interest from non Muslim is allowed according to verdicts of leading scholars ( Maraaje' of Taqleed). You can utilize the money or give it to the poor and you don't need to tell them that it is from bank interest money.



Thank you for your question. The verse 5:55 is translated literally as the hadith literature identifies this verse with a specific event in which Imam Ali (as) gave charity to a beggar  whilst in the state of ruku.

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