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The company must not sell pork nor alcohol. Cigarettes business is unlawful according to many scholars. You need to refer to your own Marje' of Taqleed in the matter of cigarettes and seek his verdict in it. Accordingly you will know whether it is permissible or not to invest in such company.


as salam alaikum

there are three major fatwas regarding smoking tobacco and cigarettes:

1) It is haram.

2) It is allowed provided that it would not cause substantial harm to your health.

3) It is haram to start but if you are already an habitual smoker it is allowed but you should try to stop, even gradually. 

Overall, it is at least definitely advisable not to smoke.

With prayers for your success.

Many of our leading Ulama say that it is not permissible to smoke cigarette because it is damagingly harmful to the health of the person and people near him. Hookah is more dangerous to health than cigarette.


Many of our leading scholars say that smoking is not permissible because of its damaging harm on health.