Conversion to Islam

Inquiries about Islam

An exchange of letters that took place between the Muslim scholar, Imam Muhammad Jawad Chirri, and Dr. Wilson H. Guertin, that led Dr. Guertin to accept Islam. Writes Dr.

Seeking the Straight Path: Reflections of a New Muslim

Common challenges and issues faced by converts,the reasoning behind conversion, analysis from a Western view of many controversial or misunderstood topics in Islam, and basic information needed by

How I became a Muslim

How I became a Muslim
by Sister Diana Beatty

My journey to Islam

Experience of discovering Islam.

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My Story

My Story

By Kathy (Ma'asumeh) Kooshesh


Search for Truth

This text contains the detailed minutes of a Muslim lecturer's discussion with Mr.

Onto The Right Path

It is well known that people in the era of our Prophet (S) were attracted to Islam due to the truthfulness and righteousness of our Prophet (S).

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