Onto The Right Path

It is well known that people in the era of our Prophet (S) were attracted to Islam due to the truthfulness and righteousness of our Prophet (S). Muslims in general are supposed to be missionaries; they are supposed to uphold the best characters, but unfortunately, many nowadays forget that people do not know what the Islamic books teach and that people judge Islam by the actions of its followers. The present text is a collection of life experiences of people who adhered to the Right Path, a booklet full of lessons for those seeking the truth and the ones trying to discover how a Muslim should act.

Miscellaneous information: 
Onto The Right Path EDITED BY: Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi Published by: Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania P.O. Box 20033 Dar es Salaam - Tanzania ISBN 9987 620 08 6 First Edition 1999: 2,000 Copies