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A Very Common Disease: Backbiting

This power point presentation is about the common spiritual disease and a grave sin: Backbiting, with references to Ahadith from Masumeen. It also discusses the cure of backbiting and the situations where it is allowed.

Husband-Wife Relations

This presentation is a collection of Ahadith of Masumeen[as] on the rights and responsibilities of husband and wife, also including rights of child and reward of good parenting and maintaining good relations with the spouse.

Sober Life

This is an extract from Nahjul Balagha in which Imam Ali (a) advised ways of leading a useful and sober life.

Taqleed made easy

A brief and complete summary of the Rulings about Taqlid, PDF version.

The Secrets of Hajj

A thought-provoking conversation between Imam Zain ul Abideen (a) and his companion Shibli when he returned from Hajj. Imam explains the philosophical and spirituals aspects of the Hajj rituals.