Chapter 5: What will you achieve through perfection?

This chapter is an additional explanation of Chapter Two.

We say: You now know that the perfection of the human being is in his or her annihilation (fanaa) and is of three kinds, reaching to the levels of Tawhid in Action, Attribute and Essence (tawhid fili/ismi/zaati). You also know that the nearness of any existent to the Truth Almighty is in accord with the extent of the limits of its essence and non-existences. Therefore, the medium that exists between the physical human realm and the Truth Almighty originate according to the limits of its essence.

Hence, in his path towards the Truth Almighty a person must pass through all of the levels of Action, Attributes, and Essences in order to obtain the three forms of monotheism.

It is not possible for him to achieve any of the levels of perfection without him gaining annihilation in that level and for that level of perfection to become subsistent (baqa). He will then oversee all the kinds of emanations (faiz) that manifest on the level he is in and all that is below it, and through this he will constantly strive until he acquires the station of Tawhid of the Essence and nothing will be left of him, either in name or description.

“On that day all sovereignty will belong to Allah.” Quran 22:56

This argument, as short as it might be, includes all the stations of the vicegerents (maqamat al-awliya). It explains their levels and states. And is more than enough for those who comprehend and understand.

As for the particulars of their station, no one can know and apprehend them other than their Lord, may His Name be blessed.