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Jesus was a human being created by Allah with out a father just like Adam who was a human being created by Allah with out parents.

Jesus is not God nor son of God, but he was a great messenger from God to guide people to worship and obey God.

Worshipping any one apart from God is a major sin.

Jannah (Paradise) is not under our control to judge who will enter in it or not. Allah, The Glorious, Knows who will be granted Paradise because He only Knows everything about everyone from His creatures and grants Paradise according to His full Knowledge and Mercy.


Following Ahlul Bayt is in fact following the real teachings of the Prophet (SAWA). None of the four Sunni sects (Hanafi, Shafi'ee, Maaliki and Hanbali) were existing during the time of the Prophet, while Ahlul Bayt were living with the Prophet and practicing his teachings.

Details of the rules and worship can be easily found in many websites e.g. and and


Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate created us to shower on us His Mercy. Allah does need us and never gets any benefit from our worshiping Him. The benefits are for us only. Allah says in Quran: Except those on whom Your Lord Has bestowed His Mercy, and for that He did create them.(Sura 11, Verse 119).


The meanings of the Quranic verses can not be taken just from the superficial linguistic meanings. Allah (SWT) Has clearly mentioned in Quran that it is the responsibility of the Prophet (SAWA) to explain to the people the real meanings of Quran (Sura 16, Verse 44).

The meaning of Sura Al-Hamd verses which you quoted never suggest not to seek Waseela. Prophets were mentioned in Quran seeking help from people like Prophet Musa (AS) who asked people for food, and Prophet Sulaiman (AS) who asked people to help him in getting the throne of Bilqees.

We believe that no one can help with out the permission of Allah (SWT).

We do Tawassul because we are been ordered by Allah (SWT) to seek Waseela ( Sura 4, Verse 64.