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Bismihi ta'ala

There are many shar'i concerns regarding a mixed gym, for both males and females.

The dressing of men and women are not within the shar'i boundaries, and any male or female will without choice see someone of the opposite gender with bare minimum clothing, or in provocative positions that for us could be considered immodest in public. This could lead to lustful gaze, and other things that entail haram.

If you are able to avoid all of this, and avoid doing things that would be against a Muslim woman's public modesty, then you can go. This means you would need to go at a time where there are no men at all.

Alternatively, you can go to a women only gym, or purchase gym equipment and use at your own discretion at home. 

And Allah knows best. 

Hijab is not a precondition for the acceptance of du'a. However, anything we do with a sincere intention for the sake of Allah should, God willing, bring us closer to Allah.

However it does not guarantee acceptance of a specific du'a, especially since some things are kept from us because it is in our best interest, there is some wisdom behind it, or we are meant to follow a different path in life.

If she has fulfilled her duty in Hijab, she will not then responsible but the man who looks at her with lust will be responsible of his evil thoughts. Men must avoid looking with lust to females especially who have done their full Hijab.


Muslim man must lower his gaze always and never look at females who are not wearing Hijab. Sitting with non-Hijabi women should not encourage them or give wrong message endorsing their act in neglecting the orders of Allah in Hijab.