Am I using the wrong Turbah (Mohr)?

The turbah is used by Shi'a Muslims in prayer. But could they be using the wrong ones? What happens if it breaks or someone like a child takes it away in prayer? Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli answers these and more.

 Bismillah, Al-Rahman Al-Rahim. Am I allowed to pray using a Turbah like this? What happens if it breaks during salah? What should I do if someone like a child takes the Turbah away whilst I am praying? Can I pray on a Turbah that has names printed on it? Let us look at answers to these questions briefly based on the opinion of His Eminence, Ayatollah al-udma As Sayed, Sistani, hafidha Ullah.

My turbah has a dark layer on it, is that okay? After a period of using a Turbah, a black or dark layer is usually formed due to dirt or shedding of skin, it is not permissible to do Sajdah on this Turbah in Salah. We need to clean it using water or by scraping it and removing the layer or disposing of it. If it is turbah of Imam Husayn, alayhi assalam, it should be respectfully disposed by either burial, dissolving in water or placing in a river, for example.

What happens if the turbah breaks during salah? That is not a problem, and salah is valid. Just make sure the head is not moving during Sajdah and especially when the obligatory dhikr is being recited.

What shall I do if someone, like a child, takes the turbah away whilst I am praying? I know many parents will agree this actually happens from time to time. If they have small children here, we have 2 options. Number 1, just continue the salah and instead we do sajdah, prostration on any part of clothing we are actually wearing, like, for example, the sleeves or if not possible, then the carpet or the back of the hand. Now, some people, unfortunately, mistakenly have suggested we can use the nails. This is not true. And it is actually fake news. We also have an option number two of terminating the salah and starting again, this time making sure we have the turbah secured, for example, by holding it in our hands.

Can I pray on a Turbah that has names printed on it? Sometimes we see turbahs like these being sold in places like Karbala or Mashhad. It may have glorious names of Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala or the pure Ma'sumeen, peace be upon them. According to His Eminence Ayatollah Sistani, you can use these in salah but he does not recommend it. He suggests using turbahs, which are clear and without names to avoid accusations and misconceptions. But if you do end up using a turbah like this with the names printed on it, it is permissible to use the other side by flipping it and doing Sajdah on the other side.

Sometimes the turbah get stuck to the forehead after the first Sajdah, is that okay? In this case, there is nothing to worry about, just place the turbah back on the ground and continue towards the second Sajdah.

Just a final additional note. Some of our sisters in salah ask whilst in sajdah, their forehead may become covered with the hijab so it does not touch the turbah. Is that okay? Well, what they need to do is to gently lift or pull the hijab slightly whilst not moving the head away from the sajdah so that any part of the forehead can touch the turbah. This is, of course, when they are actually in sajdah itself. If you like to be updated about these videos, please be sure to subscribe to the Noor Islamic Education Channel and kindly let us know also about feedback for future videos.