The Concept of Shafa'at (Intercession) - 10th Shawwal 1435/2014

Shafa'at is completely different from shirk - The word comes from the Arabic word for 'double' -- The dua is done with the help of the shafi; the shafi is the partner of the person making dua, not the partner of Allah SWT - Although there are 17 verses in the Holy Qur'an that deny shafa'at from anyone from Allah, but there are also 11 verses that allow it -- The right of intercession belongs only to Allah, but He has authorized it to certain individuals -- Examples: --- Surah an-Nisa - asking forgiveness through Prophet Muhammad (saww) --- Surah Yusuf - brothers of Prophet Yusuf (as) ask for help through their father, Prophet Yaqub (as) --- Surah Munafiqun - avoiding the shafi is a sign of arrogance In response to those that say it's allowed if the shafi is alive, but not when they are not alive: - At most you can say the dua is futile, but you can not label the people as mushrik - Even in salaat, all Muslims say Assalaamu alaika -- addressing the Prophet as "you" - When it comes to life and death of the Prophet (saw) and Ahlul Bayt (as), our limitations of the dunya do not exist for them