Debunking Doubt 4: Doubt Bubbles Don’t Scare Us!

Bismillah, al-Rahman, al-Rahim. Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammadin wa ajjil farajahum wa la'n aad'ahum. A lot of people have reached out with messages of thanks for the series and I appreciate that. It seems that for far too long, fraudulent scholars and those with anti Shi'a tendencies have had a free run, partly because the rest of us were hoping they would have a change of heart and turn around, and partly because they hadn't revealed their true motives.

But now it seems they've laid all their cards on the table and they've come out, so to speak, with their true intentions, declaring war on Shi'a beliefs and religious practices from attacking our supplications and du'as and invocation literature to downright denial of Imamah and some of the pillars of our faith. And this is why I've chosen to respond openly.

I want to share a hadith with you. That also sheds light on why I decided to debunk these doubts the way that I have. The hadith is narrated in some of our primary ahadith collections, including the blessed book of Al-Kafi, Rijaal Al-Kashi and others, and it's narrated by an individual named Younus Ibn Abdul Rahman. This person was a companion, a very loyal and close confidante of Imam Al-Kazim, alayhi assalam, as well as Imam Al-Ridha, our 8th Imam, alayhi alaa af-tahiyyati wa assalam.

He mentions that when Imam Al-Kazim was martyred, his representatives were left with large sums of money. So several chose to deny the death of the Imam so that they could retain their status and the funds that were in their possession. He states, for example, that Ziad Al-Qandi, one of the representatives of the seventh imam, had 70.000 dinars in his possession, that 70.000 gold coins, the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars in today's currency. So a very large sum indeed.

He mentions that Ali Ibn abi Hamza Al-Bata' and he had 30.000 dinars in his possession. Now, he says that because I knew the truth, I knew that the legitimate heir and successor to Imam Al-Kazim was Imam Al-Ridha, alayhi assalam, I spoke out against them and I would invite people to the 8th Imam. So they reached out to me and they said, that will give you 10.000 dinars for your silence. Just be quiet, cease and desist, 'wa qala li kuffa', be quiet and will give you 10.000 dinars.

Younus's reply to them is my guiding principle and explains why I chose to speak out against these impostors. Listen to what he says. 'Qala faqultu lahuma amawurina ala sadiqina alayhimu assalaam', have we not been told by the righteous, truthful ones, meaning the Prophet and his household, that they said, 'Idha dhaharat il-bidda'ah faalal alami ayiudhira almah, fa illlam wafal suliba noor al-imaan'. When innovations appear, when lies and deceptions surface, a scholar must reveal his knowledge, the Holy Prophet says and the Imams. If they, if the scholar chooses to remain silent and not speak out, the light of his faith will be taken from him.

'Wa ma kuntu li adal jihad wa amr Allahi alaa kulli haal', and I would not seize struggle in the way of God, Younus ibn Abdur Rahman is saying, I wouldn't stop struggling in the way of God and revealing the truth, come what may. 'Fana sabani wa adhhara li adawa'. And from that point on, they openly declared there their animus, their antagonism towards me because they realized that he was a lost cause, that they couldn't buy his religion.

Now, our faith today, brothers and sisters, is under attack from every direction and every weapon is being used.

And while these impostors attack the Shi'a by saying that they practice ghulu' and shirk, ISIS and the Taliban are slaughtering our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. And for what? Well, you guessed it, for practicing ghulu' and shirk. It's all part of the same strategy aimed at inflicting as much damage to Tashai'yuh as possible.

It's a demonic alliance that's working in tandem, whether knowingly or not. So that makes these deviants as weak and feeble as they are, one of many working to injure the Shi'a community. Again, whether it's the guy that denies our supplications or the one who denies Imam, and they're all working together to injure our community physically or spiritually.

My message to our community is don't be fooled by imposters like this. Some random guy with zero qualification in Islamic studies never even set foot in the hawza, don't be fooled by him. Every now and then, imposters like that will emerge and some unsuspecting poor souls will follow them. But don't be fooled. You should know, and I say this with absolute confidence, that the pillars and foundations of our faith are solid. The tree of Tashai'yuh is planted deep into the ground and is being nourished by sacred verses and ahadith and the blood of our scholars that have died for these beliefs. And it has withstood fourteen hundred years of incessant, vicious attacks and pseudo intellectual assaults.

Now, that said, I have to clarify that I don't intend on addressing all their misconceptions, not because I can't. Our noble scholars have wrestled with enemies far bigger and stronger than these, but because it would be a waste of my breath to respond to everything that every imposter has to say as I would end up spending my life doing that. I also think that with a little help, our youth, armed with their intellect on the one hand and the guidance of the Qur'an and ahadith on the other, can see through the lies and deceptions of such ignorant deviants.

You have to understand that we aren't intimidated by these random doubt bubbles, as I call them. We've had many just like them before and they don't scare us in the least bit. Allow me to share a beautiful parable from our second Imam, Imam Al-Hassan Al-Mujtaba, alayhi assalat wa assalam. One day Muawwiyah get together with some of his cronies and clowns like Mughira bin Shuaba and the others and they are the reason they get together was so that they would invite Imam Al-Hassan, alayhi assalam, and make a mockery of him and try and humiliate the Imam.

Now, even if you've never heard the story, you know that this backfired big time. You don't invite the son of Rasul Allah to humiliate. And so I just want to draw your attention to one bit, one section in this encounter between Imam Al-Hassan, alayhi assalam, and Al-Mughira ibn Shuaba. Al-Mughira says a few things to try and humiliate the Imam. So the Imam says to him, he says, 'wa amma anta ya Mughira, fa lam takum bi khaliqin anna kafi hadha wa shibhe'. He says, As for you, you're not the kind of person who is going to drag us into his mud slinging. You're not worthy of my acknowledgment. 'wa innama mathaluka mathal ul-baudatil lati idh qalat', your example, your similitude is like the mosquito which came and sat on a palm tree, 'qalat li 'l-nakhla istamsiki'.

Then it said to the palm tree, hold tight, I'm about to take off, 'fa inni tayiratun ank wa qalatin nakhla'. The palm tree responded to the mosquito. I never even felt you sitting on me, let alone having to hold tight so that you could take off. 'Fa qalat al-nakhlatu wa hal alimtu biki wa qiatin alay faalamu biki tayyiratin anni'. So these people do not scare us in the least bit.

Their misconceptions are recycled versions of things that Salafis and their predecessors have been saying for a long time, and our scholars have responded to them. But the thing about falsehood is that it often resembles truth like counterfeit currency. It looks real until you scrutinize it and place it under the ultraviolet light of the truth. Revealing the germ infested garbage that it is. To counterfeit in fact, means to imitate something authentic with the intent to steal, destroy or replace the original. And that is the word shoubah comes from.

Amir Al-Mu'mineen, alayhi assalam, says in a hadith 'Wa innama summiat ash-shubhat ash-shubhatan liannaha tushbihu 'l-haqq'. A shubha'- a misconception, a doubt in Arabic is called Shubha and it's called shubha because it has Shabah, it has a semblance of the truth. 'Tushbihu 'l-haqq, fa amma awliya Ullah fadiyauhum fiha al-yaqeen' As for the friends of God, the allies of God when they encounter a misconception, a doubt like the things you hear from these doubt bubbles, what they do is that they refer back to their certainties. Their fundamental tenets of their faith is what guides them through this darkness of misconception. 'Wa al-daleelahum samt ul-huda' and they take the direction of guidance, 'wa amma ada' Allah fa duauhum fi ad-dalaal wa dalilahum laana'. As for the enemies of God, they're blinded and confused.

So when Imposter's present their case, they will claim to be sincere and humble. But their true intent is quickly revealed and the stench of hypocrisy rapidly spreads wherever they speak. Allah, Subhana wa Ta'ala, says,' wa min an-nasi ma juibu qauluhu fil hayat id-dunya' (2:204). There are people that when they speak, you're attracted to them. You're like, Wow, this. This actually makes sense. 'wa yushhidu Allaha alaa mafi qalbi'(2:204), they even cite God and they take God as witness to what is in their hearts, 'Wa hua al-addu il-khisam'(2:204) and yet their enmity is ever apparent.

You can see that in their condescending tone, in their hateful demeanor, they're full of arrogance and vitriol and hubris. So I'm going to give examples of their duplicity, not because I take them with any degree of seriousness, because more often than not, these are inconsequential fringe groups that will fizzle out like wet fireworks, as they say.

They're nothing more than a tiny blip, not worth acknowledgment. But these kinds of individuals, him and their little fan club, is a good case study of cultish extremists that prey on the innocent who don't know the difference between actual scholarship and fraudulent deception masquerading as intellectual endeavor. And even though they've been disrobed as shameless liars. But for some reason, they insist on staying in the ring despite their nudity.

Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala says about these kinds of people in the Quran, 'wa idha qila lahu at-taqi Allah akhadat ul-izzatul bil ism'(2:206). When they're told to fear God to be pious, their pride drives them toward sin. Do you really have to embarrass yourself this much, or is it the case that you feel so nervous and insecure now that you have to respond to save face with your friends?

Either way, I don't enjoy embarrassing you, but Amir Al-Mumineen, alayhi as-salaat wa as-salaam, says, 'la tadu'n ila mubaraza, wa indu'ita ilayha fa ajib'. Never challenge someone to a duel. But if you are challenged, then respond.Go. 'Fa inna da'ia ilayha baagh, wa baghiya massru'a' because the one who issues the challenge is an aggressor and the aggressor will eventually face defeat. You're the one who started it.

You're the one who accused the Shi'a and their scholars of practicing Shirk and ghulu'. And now you have to face the consequences. Which brings me to a critical point about him and other charlatans. My aim in this video and the one before it was to show that you're a duplicitous liar. Specifically, that these beliefs are not Shi'a beliefs.

Your little Zoom group should know this about you, the wider community must know this about you. Your agenda is to convert Shi'as into your confused, hideous Frankenstein monster of a cult where you slap together disparate, incoherent and inconsistent beliefs largely borrowed from Sunni polemicists and secular critics like Mohammed Arkoun, Nasser Hamid Abu Zayd, Abdul Karim Sorush and others, while repackaging it as authentic teachings of the Imams. You're a secular something or the other. I'm not quite sure yet what you are.

I don't even think you know what you are. You resemble the kharajites as you've openly declared, all Shi'as and even our scholars today is practicing shirk. Will you eventually blow yourself up in a Shi'a mosque like your Salafi counterparts? I certainly hope not. But your mass tafkir of the entire Shi'a faith and pathological disdain for our primary books and esteemed scholars is a matter of concern.

Maybe you'll start your own sect, or maybe you'll save money on marketing and get a franchise deal with another religion and join them. I don't know and I don't care. But whatever you do, at least try to be honest about the fact that what you are preaching is not Tasha'iyuh. I'm not saying you're not a Shi'a because I don't know why you're doing this. Is it a mid-life crisis or is it a phase that's going to go away? Are you doing it for attention? Is it a mental health issue for which you need help? Or is it because you've had no formal learning at an established school and have had no real teachers in the hawza?

I honestly don't know, but your messaging, and it pains me to see this makes you the Indian equivalent of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab or Ibn Taymiyyah. They too tried to present themselves as reformers who were saving the Ummah from Shirk. They too considered the Shi'a to be ghulat. They too cited Qur'anic verses and rejected the hadith of Ahlul Bayt while maintaining that they admired them. That's why I gave you the title Neo Salafi.

No, I will have to take that back because you're just another rusty old boilerplate extremist Salafi. You're a sad Wahhabi wannabe. Nothing new about you. You're not a reformer or a reviver. No one is falling for that. Not after being exposed for the liar that you are.

My advice to my dear brothers and sisters echoes the life-altering words of the Holy Prophet Sallal-lahu alayhi wa alihi, who said in this hadith, listen carefully.

The Prophet said:'La tajlisu inda kully 'alimin yadu'ukum'. Don't listen to any random scholar or self-proclaimed scholar who invites you, who speaks to you, who addresses you, 'illa alimin yadu'ukum min al-khamsi alal khams', except a scholar who satisfies this condition. What is it? He takes you out of five things and brings you into five other things. 'Min al-shakki ila al-yaqeen' from doubt to certainty. He doesn't make you doubt everything. He gives you certainty. 'Wa min al-kibrii ila at-tawaba'. From arrogance to humility, 'wa min ar-riya'i ila al-ikhlaas' and from pomposity to sincerity, "wa min al-ada'watin ila al-naseeha' and from enmity towards compassion and being caring. 'Wa min ar-raghbati ila az-zuhd' and take you out of desire and brings you into asceticism.

People who try to sow the demonic seeds of doubt and who question everything based on their own biases, their own prejudices, their own presuppositions must be avoided like the plague.

Now, for the actual substance of his response and there was no substance, as I'll come to demonstrate, it's getting to the stage where I feel like there's no point, honestly. When you debate with someone, you expect at least a modicum of professionalism. For example, it's normal for people to make mistakes, but you don't expect downright lies. You also hope that they know the basics of the subject matter, especially when discussing nuanced and complex topics. But if I'm debating someone who is merely regurgitating stuff he's watched on YouTube, it is a waste of my time, honestly.

And that's right. Don't assume we don't know. You're simply parroting another debunked and discredited Arabic speaking self-proclaimed reformer. But the gig's up, my friend, with the blessings of the Imam of the time Al-Hujjat ibn Al-Hassan, arwahun ala hu 'l-fida, I'm going to make sure that every time you say this hadith is not authentic, everyone will know that you're lying. Every time you cite a reference, people will know you're taking things out of context. Every time you label narrators of ahadith as ghulat, people will recognize that you know nothing about rijaal or isnaad, and that you're simply trying to impose your own extremist views on religious scriptures instead of the other way around.

Our religion is called Islam because it is about submission to God. These charlatans, however, want to impose their own liberal, secular, freakish Takfiri views on Islam. And it's rather hilarious that you think tens of thousands of scholars and giant paragons of knowledge somehow missed the memo on Tasha'iyuh being hijacked by the ghulat and all it took was this boy genius to come out with his reform movement to save the entire Shi'a world and their deviant traditional scholars and the seminaries of Qom, Najaf and Karbala from eternal hell and damnation.

Perhaps in your head, that sounds like a super plausible scenario. Or maybe, just maybe it's the other way around and you're about to be schooled.