Farewell To The Holy Month Of Ramadan

Bismillah, al-Rahman, al-Rahim. Saying farewell, to the month of Ramadan -widaa. Widaa is basically you say farewell to someone who you love, someone who you like. So when you are leaving the Kaaba, you go and do a farewell tawaaf. Tawaaf al-Widaa, as they call it. When you go for Ziyarat, you go and read Ziyarat al-Widaa, you send your salutations to the Holy Prophet and you pray that may this not be my last Ziyarat. May this not be my last visit to the Holy Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa'alihi wa sallam, and also A'imma of Ahlul Bayt, alayhimu assalaam. When you visit them, you say a favour and say Allahumma la taj'alhu akhira al'ahdi ziyarati.

Likewise, in the month of Ramadan you should also say, "Oh Allah may this not be my last month of Ramadan. May I have the tawfiq to live up to the next Ramadan and do Ibadah again. Allahumma la taj'alhu akhira, al'ahdi." Meaning Oh Allah, may this not be my last month of Ramadan. So there are du'as and also the favour is to especially have such an ammal on the last Friday.

And on the last night, which is a night of Eid. Well on the last night of the month of Ramadan will basically be either tomorrow will be the 29th or the 30th. That night should be treated the night of amaal. So just like the night of Qadr, Imam Sajjad, alayhi assalaam, has a du'a for welcoming the month of Ramadan and also doing Widaa. And he says "Oh, when welcoming the month of Ramadan, he says: as-salaam alaykum ya eida wa illiah Illah." He used to say that "Oh Allah, salutations be upon the month of Ramadan", which is the Eid or the celebration for the beloved of Allah.

The people who love Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala, or they are beloved to Allah, they celebrate coming of the month of Ramadan, not going. And when he used to say farewell to the month of Ramadan, he would say "Oh Month of Ramadan, if there were any shortcomings on our path, meaning the people, that's how we should pray. Oh Allah if we had any shortcomings, if we disrespected this month in any way or if we had committed any sins in this month. May Allah forgive us. And if there were any mistakes or sins on our path, may Allah on the last night, because even in the end, you know, in one du'a, it says Oh Allah make the last part of our Ibadah the best part. The last day or the last night should be the best because even if we did not have sincere intentions at the beginning, may we have sincere intentions at the end.

And the farewell is that you on the last day again, when the day has finished, you come to maghrib and isha in the night of Eid. There is a special du'a, Ya Allah, Ya Allah. There is a du'a you read in the night of Eid because Allah has made it as a day of celebration. So you say Oh Allah give us Eid. So we give farewell to the month of Ramadan and we welcome forgiveness from, you because He is generous. Whatever you ask Him in the favour, He will give you because you fasted the whole month, you've obeyed Him in that obedience, you ask Allah to bless you with forgiveness, to bless you with accepting your deeds, your fasts, your prayers, your special prayers like prayers, not salat, but also du'as. Oh Allah accept our supplications and our prayers that we have made in this month.

So the farewell is giving, showing your respect. Like you say goodbye to a friend who you will dearly miss. Likewise, you say to the Month of Ramadan, we will miss you, until eleven months, You will come back, we will miss you because we try to stay up in Your Nights, we try to fast during the days, we try to read the Holy Qur'an. So the words are beautiful when you are doing farewell to the Holy month of Ramadan and you should show respect and not show distress.

Sometimes, you know, people say, Ahh thank God it's over. No, don't do any of that, because that is showing dis-likeness. Likewise, even though you are very elderly or weak or don't have the finances and you are leaving the House of Allah, the Holy places, do not ever say this is my last visit. No, always show that you want to come back again. Likewise for the Month of Ramadan, do not ever say this is my last Ramadan. Always say, Oh Allah I want to see Ramadan again, even if you may be terminally ill or something. That is to show your love that you want to see it again. Thank you very much for listening.