How To Perform Wudhu

Sayed Ahmed Al-Qazwini explains the act of performing the wudhu by the teachings of the Ahlalbait. Dutch subtitles. 

So what do you do: the first thing you take the water, you put it in your right hand and you wash your face like this, the entire face up to the ears before the ears down to the chin from the beginning of the forehead. Remember start from the top and go down. Do not go up, start from the top and go down, five seconds like this. Make sure you wash every part of the face. This is the first act. Once it is wajib. You can do it again, repeat the same process it is mustahab.

Then you wash your right hand, you take water with your left hand and once again you start from the top and you work your way down. Do not put it on the bottom and go up. So put it by your elbow. Start from above the elbow, above the line you see in the middle of your hand. Put some water and then just work your way down. Make sure also your hands, your fingers, all of it, wash it. If you are wearing a ring, make sure ring, watch, anything, you have to take it off.

Now that you have washed the right hand, now you do the same thing with the left hand. Start from the top and go down like this. Once it is wajib, twice it is mustahab. Now that you finished, listen carefully, this is a place where many people make a mistake. Now that you wash the left hand, what do you have to do after that?

You have to wipe your head, wipe you wipe your head. Many people, what they do? They wash their left hand and then they take new water for their heads. You cannot do that. If you do that, you have to start over. Your wudhu does not count. The same water that is remaining on your left hand. Take that same water and wipe your head with it. Is that clear? You cannot take new water. Do not touch any water anymore.

Close the tap before that, because on the even on the tap, there is going to be on the faucet, there is going to be some drops of water. Make sure that it is off. Make sure your head is dry, because if it is wet, then you are going to wipe with that water, it has to be the water on your right hand that you took the water you took from your left hand. Then you wipe your head like this, start from a little back, just wipe up until the last portion of your head, so you wipe.

After you wipe, remember do no take any water anymore. You are done with the water. The last water you take is when you wash your left hand. After you wipe your head, then you wipe your feet, your feet. Now it is going to be difficult for me to show you my feet. So imagine this is my feet. You start from the fingers and you go up to the ankles, you go up to the ankles. Go up until, you know, parts of the leg.

So you wipe like this. Just put your hand and wipe your right hand on your right foot and then your left foot, your left hand on your left foot. When once you finish your left foot, you are done with your wudhu.

Remember no new water, when you are wiping the same old water of the left hand when you washed it. So do not take any new water anymore. Is this clear?

This is the correct way to do wudhu. Make sure you try to stick to this way and do not invent new and interesting ways of doing wudhu.