Imam 'Ali Ar-Rida (a)



Shi'a Islam: Class 13
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- name and kuniya of Imam ar-Rida
- early life history of the Imam
- knowledge of the Imam, specifically in the areas of hadith, law, and medicine
- Imam's appeal and influence outside his immediate following of Shi'is, to the extent that he was considered al-mujadid 'the renewer' by many Sunnis
- the Caliphate during the of the 8th Imam; Ma'mun ar-Rashid and his attempts to unite the institution of caliphate with Imamate
- Imam's appointment as the successor to Ma'mun, his journey to Iran, and his subsequent death
- a general look at Shi'i/Sunni relations during this time, and at the question 'what would have happened if the Imam had succeeded Ma'mun as caliph?'

Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA
23rd October, 2001
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