This Sin Will Make You Worse Than Iblees

When Allah 'azza wa jal, commanded the angels to prostrate to Adam, all of them prostrated. The only one who defied the divine commandment was Iblis. He refused to prostrate. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala then gives him an opportunity to explain himself. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala is so merciful that even when His 'abd disobeys, He gives them the opportunity to defend himself.

Explain yourself. "Qala ma mana'uka an Tasjuda idh amartuk?(7:12)" "Oh Ibless, what prevented you from prostrating when I have commanded you to do so?" " Qala ana khayrun minhu (7:12)". Allah hu Akbar. Ana khayrun minhu. "Khalaqti min an-naarin wa khalaqtahu min tin" (7:12). Sometimes a servant, an 'abd, disobeys Allah. They commit a sin, but they feel remorseful, they have nadam, they experience regret.

So you and I may commit a sin, but we acknowledge that it is a sin. We experience remorse, regret. But what was worse than Iblis not prostrating, which is a sin, was the fact that he committed an even greater sin by trying to justify his sin. You see, there are two things that happened. Failing to do sujood is one sin, but trying to justify your sin is an even greater sin.

There is a difference between someone who does not pray and they, they regret. They feel bad over the fact that they do not pray. And then there is someone who does not pray because they do not believe in Salah. It is a big difference.

Iblis committed multiple sins in that single moment. It is not that he just refused to do a Sajdah because if Iblis was punished only because he missed one Sajdah. When you and I miss Salat ul-Fajr, how many Sajdahs do we miss? We miss four Sajdahs. Some of us every morning, we miss four Sajdahs. Iblis misses one, but the difference is you and I, when we miss Salat ul-Fajr, we ask Allah to forgive us. We recognize, we acknowledge the sin, but he tries to justify it.

[Farzandeh Haydar, ummid-e-aakhar, maw'ud-e-Aalam, Ya Mahdi]