Stand Up For The Oppressed

Oppression is everywhere, and as Muslims it is our duty to stand up for those who are oppressed. Sheikh Nuru Mohammed is here to tell us why.

Bismillah, al-Rahman, al-Rahim. Standing for the oppressed and standing against the oppressors. Justice is a universal principle, brothers and sisters. What do I mean by universal principle? It does not know religion, it does not know race, it doesn't know country, it has no boundary - justice is justice.

It is not just about Islam, it is not about Christianity, it is not about Judaism, it is not about Hinduism. Justice everywhere is justice. And that is why if you go back to Qur'an, Qur'an in so many verses calls us to be just, calls us to be fair and calls us to stand side by side with the oppressed.

We have a beautiful tradition from our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, that, 'ittaqu daawat almadloom' - O people be scared of the prayers and the supplication of the oppressed' because there is no boundary or barrier between the prayers of the oppressed and the acceptance of Almighty.

Now we as Muslims, or as believers, we have responsibilities and duties to stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed. We need to show solidarity with them. We need to support them. Some require monetary support. Some require just moral support. We cannot fold our arms and do nothing about it. If you fold your arms and do nothing when it comes to the plight of the oppressed, then you are also regarded as an oppressor according to the rules of Islam.

The narration of the Prophet, peace be upon him and his family said, "whoever sees oppression and he does nothing about it, he is part of that oppression". In other words, if someone is oppressed and we do nothing about it, we just remain in our comfort zone, we feel good, we don't even think about them, we don't even think of making a simple du'a for them, then we are part of oppressing them.

So therefore, oppression is oppression from wherever it is coming from and we need to stand and do something about it. It is our duty and there is no excuse for that. Wa assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.