They Submit Entirely To Allah

How many people do you and I know, people who want the Imam to return, who love the Imam, who love God, love Qur'an, but their approach towards religion, approach towards God, approach towards the mercy of God is like this. What I am about to describe, if you ask them, they say that they do not have many good deeds. I may not have any good deeds. I definitely I can say that I am a sinner. I am violating Allah's laws. I am not doing what God says. But you know what? In the bottom of my heart, I still have one hope.

What is your hope if You are not obeying God? Hopeful for Allah's mercy, Allah has mercy. I am hopeful for the Ahlul Bayt. They will do Shifa for me.

Now look at that concept and how different that is to the Qur'anic concept. The Qur'anic concept and God is a straight shooter. The Qur'an doesn't pull any punches. God says do your responsibilities. Maybe you will be shown mercy. The other approach is: I do not know what my duties are, I am committing this sin and I am doing this haraam, I am doing that haraam. But I hope that God will have mercy on me. The opposite of the Qur'an.

Now, think about that. Let's say there was a whole nation like that, an Ummah, and their approach towards life was this: We are sitting back. We are waiting for God to do miracles. We are waiting for the Imam to come. The Imam will change the world for us. What do you do? I do not do any of my responsibilities. I do not do my job. I violate what the Imam says. I disobey his commands. But I have got hope. InshaAllah. A lazy nation. Imagine that to the other concept. There is people do each and every one of them. Let's say the nation of the Prophet was like that, doing their responsibilities, working, pushing, trying, whatever God said, all of his commands, trying and then hoping for mercy. For sure God will bless that nation, like God bless that nation. But the nation where they don't do their responsibilities and they sit back and expect God to come from the heavens. And He' it is if you were willing to take the steps that Islam said right, obey Allah and the Prophet, maybe you will be shown mercy.

That is a powerful concept. A nation like that, doing their responsibilities, pushing every one of their responsibilities and then sitting and saying, yes, open doors for me, right. Make the impossible happen, God will bless that kind of a nation and that group of people. Now, something else when it comes to self building, again, we are laying down those proper foundations so that the self building that comes afterwards will be correct.

Brothers and sisters, let me explain something else, that's a very serious part of Islam, and it is one of those essentials for self building, one of those building blocks, you and I, when it comes to Islam, we do not get to pick and choose. We don't get to have our favorite parts of Islam, user-friendly Islam, vegetarian Islam, rather, every one of the wajibat is necessary.

I want to mention a verse. The verse talks about the true "Mu'min" you and I were preparing for the 12th Imam. It doesn't make sense for us to fool ourselves. What is a Mu'min like? What does God want from us? This is Qur'an now, not hadith, the Qur'an explains what the true Mu'mineen are like. And if you look at this verse later, you look at the Arabic of this verse, you'll see that God swears by himself to start the verse off. Normally, Allah, he swears by the sun or the moon, right. In this verse, God swears by himself, he says "Fala wa Rabbik" (4:65) "Know, by your Lord", what does he say?

He explained the concept, the true Mu'mineen. I'm going to read the part of the verse for you, God says "thumma la yajidoo fee anfusihim harajan mimma qadayta" (4:65)." After they have gone to you, O Prophet and they have made you the judge and you've decided you've given a decree. You said Islam says this at that time, "thumma la yajidoo fee anfusihim harajan mimma qadayta" (4:65). "In themselves, in their souls, they don't find the slightest dissent." The prophet said this. This is Islam. God decided, that's it. What about if I'm unhappy a little bit and the bottom of my heart, I'm unhappy. It says "thumma la yajidoo fee anfusihim harajan mimma qadayta wayusallimoo tasleeman" (4:65). "They submit a thorough submitting".

If somebody has any part of Islam, but they have a problem with it. Difficulty dealing with: I do not like that Allah..., sometimes it might be in the heart. The person might be a practicing Mu'min or Mu'mina, they would never say that out loud. But deep inside their heart, they've got a little bit of a problem "Fala warabbik" (4:65), the beginning of the verse, they are not Mu'mineen until this. There is not even the slightest. The creator of the world, Spoke. God, spoke.