What Happens In The Last Moments Before Death?

'A'udhu bil-Lahi, min al-Shaytan, al-rajim. Bismillah, Al-Rahman, Al-Rahim. Al-hamdu lil-Laahi, Rabbi Al-'Alameen. Wa afdhal as-Salat wa atam at-taslim 'ala sayyidina Muhammad wa 'ala Ahli Bayti at-tayyibin, at-tahirin. Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammadin wa aali Muhammad.

Welcome dear brothers and sisters to our third night with Reflecting Together, where we reflect on the Holy Qur'an InshaAllah for half an hour. InshaAllah, we'll finish at eight o'clock, InshaAllah. Today's topic is about death and one that, of course, when it comes to the Holy month of Ramadhan, we have to reflect on the soul, reflect on the state of our soul. And of course, we've got to know our destiny. Our destiny is, you know, in this life is, of course, temporary and our destiny will be the hereafter. But how to get to the hereafter, of course, we have to go through the step of the phenomenom of death where our soul is departed from our body.

So InshaAllah, today we will examine some of the verses of the Holy Qur'an on death and InshaAllah, then we will, as usual, state a question where we can and shall reflect on together and try to find solutions for. All right.

So the verses that we will, if you have a Holy Qur'an in front of you, you can open it and try to read with me, InshaAllah. The verses that we will be talking about today is in Chapter 75, verses 26 to 30. So Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala here, my dear brothers and sisters, describes the process to when you're just about to die, ok. So death has come to you, the Malik ul-Mawt, the Angel of Death, has come to you. What happens in the last few, say, minutes or even seconds before you die?

So in this particular verse, in Chapter 75, verse 26, Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala, says "Kalla idha balaghati it-taraaqee."(75:26). So He's talking about the soul here. What happens to the soul? He says: "When the soul has reached the clavicle", the clavicle is right here. So you can see right here from this particular diagram, this is the clavicle. So it is like, you know, when someone is, like, strangling you, right? You feel like you are suffocating. The soul has reached what? The clavicle right here. What happens then?

"Wa qila man raaq" (75:27). So then, the people around you, this is not you, not 'Wa qala,' not you are speaking. 'Wa qila,' - the people around you, your loved ones will start to say, 'Who will cure him? Is there a magician here that can get him back to life? We want him back.' Want him or her, of course. 'We want him or her back to us. So is there, what about the doctors? Where are the doctors? The nurses? Someone please help.' "Wa qila man raaq" (75:27), right? Anyone here can cure this person for us? These are the last, last few seconds or minutes before the soul is departing from the body. And then, it comes back to you right?

In Chapter 75, verse 28, the following verse, it says "Wa dhanna annahu al-firaaq"(75:28). Then you will know, when no one comes to your aid. You are feeling this particular suffocation where you are being, you feel like your soul is departing from your body. You will then know, "Wa dhanna annahu al-firaaq." You know that it is the time of separation. It is the 'firaaq.' What is this 'firaaq?' When we say 'firaaq,' it's separation. What is this separation? Of course, it's the separation of the body from the soul.

When the body and the soul, you know, in the Qur'an, it says 'It tastes death,' right? The body tastes death. And why does the body taste? Sorry, the soul taste death? It's because "Kullu nafsin dhaa'iqat ul-mawt" (3:185). Every nafs, every soul taste death. Why? Is because the soul never dies. It only taste death when the body is departing, is separating or separated from the soul. So when the body is separated from the soul, this is where the soul tastes death, right?

The soul never, ever dies. It continues and continues with you, right? But the body dies. The body is decomposed. It's gone down under, right? And it's decomposed and it's nothing at the end, right? All this body that we so care about, all this image that we really want to propagate in Instagram and Facebook and all the social media, I want to look like this, I want to look like that, right? At the end of the day, the body will go down under. Nothing, you will take from the body. You will take nothing whatsoever, but you will take your soul with you.

And now the time, the Holy Month of Ramadhan is the time where, of course, we strengthen and feed the soul. So then, you say "Wa dhanna annahu al-firaaq" (75:28). The separation is the time when you know the soul, excuse me, the soul is separating from your body.

"Waltaffati as-saaqu bis-saaq" (75:29). This is now really interesting. When this is happening, the soul has reached the clavicle right here. People around you say, 'Can someone rescue him?' But then you know that's it. Your soul is being separated from your body. You will feel like your legs, your two legs, is one over the other. And some say that, you know, when the camel is really thirsty and in the middle of the desert, it doesn't know where to go right? And it doesn't have any water to drink, when it collapses and is dying, the two legs, of the two long legs of the camel, it becomes one over the other. So you feel like it's like this. You feel like the leg, one of your legs is over the other.

And in other cases, have you seen sometimes certain babies or some people who are struggling or they're in pain, they start to kick with their feet, right? You may also feel like you are kicking with your feet, it feels like that. Physically you are not. Physically you are very, very still, right? But you are feeling like you're kicking with your feet or your feet is one over the other and you can't do anything about it. And the soul is taking, is being separated from your body.

And this is the final "ila Rabbika yawma 'idhin il-masaaq" (75:30). That's it, there is no turning back. You know, that's it, you know that you can't go back and fix the issues you had in life. The people who you hate, you know, you ask them for forgiveness or you forgive them. The people who you owe money or they owe you money, whatever. You settle your affairs, that's it.

"ila Rabbika yawma 'idhin il-masaaq" (75:30). That will be the day. The day where you'll go back to Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala. And then everything is revealed to you right? Then, the veil will be removed and you will see this, you know, how it feels to get closer to Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala. How would it feel? How would it felt for you to love Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala?

Then everything is revealed to you because that's it, time is finished, it's finished. Everything is finished at that time. And you would have wished, that I would have wished that I had done this and this and so then I can get closer to Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala.