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Husband-Wife Relations

This presentation is a collection of Ahadith of Masumeen[as] on the rights and responsibilities of husband and wife, also including rights of child and reward of good parenting and maintaining good relations with the spouse.

Various Sayings of Lady Fatima Zahra (sa)

This is a collection of various sayings of Lady Fatima Zahra (sa) in a PowerPoint presentation.

Fire Inside Coming Out: Anger

This is a collection of Ahadith of Masumeen (as) on Anger, its destructive effects on the intellect, faith and soul of a person and the reward for controlling it. 

Hadiths Regarding Reading The Quran

Hadiths Regarding Reading Quran in a PowerPoint Presentation. Form the book “Forty Hadith: The noble Quran” by Majid Adili. See full book at: https://www.al-islam.org/forty-hadith-noble-quran-majid-adili