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The day of Al-Ghadeer (18th Thil-Hajjah) was the day on which Allah Has saved Prophet Ibraheem from the fire,

and the day if the victory of Prophet Musa on the magicians of Firaon ,

Land the day of the appointment of Yosha' ibn Noon as the successor of Prophet Musa,

and thecday if the appointment of Sham'oon as successor of Prophet Easa,

and the day if the appointment of Aasif ibn Barkhia as the successor of Prophet Sulaiman.



Asalamu Alaykom, 

What you heard is completely false. The Prophet Mohammad (sawa) is the greatest of all creation and if anyone puts someone above his status, they are out of Islam. Such a belief would also contradict the ahadith of the shia which clearly state not to put anyone above Rasullah (sawa) 

May Allah swt grant you success 

1. Imam Ali (AS) has the maximum and highest level of intellect after the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), that is why his faith in Allah is the maximum after the  Prophet (SAWA). The Hadeeth stated that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) told Ali (AS): O Ali, no one Knew Allah (properly) but myself and you. 
2. Seeing Allah by eyes is impossible because He is above all senses and He can never be confined or limited to any sense. Allah is The Creator of all senses and whatever can be sensed and whatever can not be sensed. 
3. Proper Intellect leads us to the fact that lot of things in the existence are comprehended and known by intellect and reason not by materialistic senses. 
4. Realities of Faith in Allah (SWT) are in each and every thing in this universe, but many people don't see it because of their indulging in darkness of sins which disable their intellectual abilities. When the heart is clean from sins, mind is transparent and more able to see the realities which are behind the outer senses. These realities lead the human being to the absolute Truth of Allah. 

5. Realities of faith are for every believer according to his degree in the purity of heart and proper thinking. More purity in heart leads to more proper thinking which in turn leads to discovering more realities of faith.

6. The Faith in Allah is the faith in the greatest Truth in the universe. Proper intellect can never deviate from clear facts, what about the greatest Fact. Faith in Allah increases by proper thinking which leads to comprehending more realities of faith.



Thank you for your question. What is being referred to in this hadith is perhaps along these lines: Physical beings are senses with the physical senses and since Allah is not confined to matter and doesn't have a material form He cannot be seen with the physical eyes. But the human is endowed with senses that are capable of comprehending the metaphysical. In order to make use of them a person cannot be in doubt of their existence. The realities of faith are sensed with these senses and this is the field of religious experience. God is seen through the veil of His Perfections deep within the being of a human.

May you always be successful