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Allah (SWT) The Most Merciful Will grant the believers in Paradise what ever they wish, as we read in Quran (Sura 43, Verse 71) and also in Sura 50, Verse 35.

That does not mean that all the believers in Paradise are in the same degree or rank. Degrees and ranks in Paradise are according to good deeds.

A pious virgin in Paradise will be granted what she wishes according to her degree. Allah's Mercy is over all and it will be more than our imaginations.


Muslim woman has to obey her husband in good things only and not in bad things. Bad things mean unlawful acts and harmful acts. There is no obedience for any creature in disobeying The Creator, Allah.


It is not permissible for the female to do that, and not permissible for a man to look at her without proper Hijab.


The Islamic rule is same for any medical treatment including dentistry which says that female is not allowed to be touched by a male doctor except in emergency when no female doctor is available. Muslim female should go to female doctors only even in dentistry.