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Quranic verses in Sura Yousuf are the strongest evidence in this matter.

Prophet Yousuf told his brothers: Take this shirt of mine and cast it on the face of my father, he will turn clear-sighted. (12:93).

'We have many authentic narrations on the blessings which can be obtained by touching (Masah) of blessed items like Black stone, Zareeh of most humble servants of Allah, Quranic text, etc.


The four main Shia books of Hadeeth are Al-Kafi, Al-Faqeeh, Al-Istibsar and Al-Tahtheeb. All of them are published separately and there is a new edition having all these four books in one set of volumes. Most of the narrations in these books are authentic and the number of Hadeeths in these books is much more than the number of the narrations in all the six Sunni books of Hadeeth ( Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmithi, Ibn Maajah, Abi Dawood, and Nasaa'ee.).

Every Shia scholar studies every Hadeeth and researches the chain of narrators and the meanings of the text as he understands and comes out with his own result about the authenticity and the meaning of it. No one can force his opinion on other scholars as scientific research is free in Shia Islam for every qualified scholar. That is why, we do not believe in closing the gate of Ijtihad and research in every narration.


The expression من ليس له شيخ شيخه الشيطان is not found in the extant hadith collections. It is attributed to some Sufis.

Yes. This Hadeeth of Ghadeer has been narrated by biggest number of companions who witnessed it and heard it from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). It is more than Mutawatir in Sunni books as well as Shia books.

1. Sibt ibn al-Jawazi said in his book Tathkirat al Khawas  (Pg 30 & 31) "All the Ulama of Sirah have unanimously said that the incident of Ghadeer took place when the Prophet (SAWA) returned from Hajjatul Wida when he said in front of 120000 companions : Of whomsoever I am the Maula Ali is the Maula. The full Hadeeth mentions that the Prophet (SAWA) started his sermon "Allah is my Maula and I am the Maula of all Mo'meneen". Then he said am I not more entitled on the Mo'meneen than themselves upon themselves? All said "Yes". He (the Prophet SAWA) : For whomsoever I am his Maula, this Ali is his Maula.

2. Abu Ishaq al Tha'labi mentioned in his Tafseer that when this announcement was spread in different places a man by the name of al Harth ibn al No'man al Fahri came to the Masjid of the Prophet (SAWA) and objected on the announcement of Ghadeer and asked the Prophet (SAWA) : Is it from you or from Allah SWT? The Prophet (SAWA) became angry and his eyes became red and he said : By Allah SWT who is La Ilaha Illahu it his from Allah SWT and not from me.

3. In this Sahih Muslim (Vol 7, Pg 122 & 123) a Hadeeth narrated by Zaid ibn Arqam that the Prophet (SAWA) said in Ghadeer Khum : I am leaving among you two important things ; the first the Book and Allah SWT and my Ahlul Bayt (AS). 

4. Ibn Hajar said : Hadeeth al Ghadeer is definitely authentic and there is no doubt about it. 

5. An Nasai in al Khasa'is narrated from Zaid bin Arqam Hadeeth al-Ghadeer (Pg 39).

6. It was also narrated by al-Mohib al-Tabari in Thakha'ir al-Oqba.

7. Also in ibn al-Maghazili in al-Manaqib (Pg 29).

8. Also al-Muttaqi-al-Hindi in Kanz al-Ommaal (Vol 1 ; Pg 166)

9. Also al-Qurtubi in his Tafseer (Vol 18 ; Pg 287)

10, Also al-Haakim-al-Hasakani in Shawahid-al-Tanzeel (Vol 1 Pg 158)

Many other Sunni books have narrated Hadeeth al-Ghadee with the frase of Allah is my Mawla and I am Mawla of all believers and forwhom soever I am the Mawla, Ali is his Mawla.