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Tahajjud is a great recommended worship for every night of the whole year. It is also called Salat Al-Layl or Namaz Shab. It is performed individually and not with congregation. Umar Ibn al-Khattab ordered during his government to pray Tahajjud with congregation which was then called Taraweeh.

Taraweeh is a Bid'ah which was never practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) but was initiated by Omar Ibn al-Khattab in year 14 after Hijra.


as salam alaikum

according to the fiqh of Ahl al-Bayt prayer without connected lines is not valid and therefore it is not permissible to pray along with others on TV or online. It is good to keep your atmosphere pure and simply to focus on and get the best from your relationship with Allah during your acts of worship, especially away from such modern devices.

Furthermore, in our view it is sunnah of the Prophet to pray supererogatory prayers at home. This view was supported also by Imam Malik and Imam Shafi'i (according to some reports) and Abu Yusuf al-Hanafi.

With prayers for your success.

Taraweeh which is done nowby many Muslims was never performed by he Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), that is why you find that Umar Ibn Al-Khattab called it Bid'ah (Bukhari and Muslim).

The recommended Prayer is called Tahajjud which should be performed individually.

If some one forgets reciting Sura Al-Hamd, the Salaat is valid, but if he deliberately leaves reciting the Al-Hamd, then his Salaat is invalid.


Taraweeh is an innovation according to Shia jurisprudence so you MUST not go for it