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The Prophet (s) used to pray on earth and is also reported to have shown reverence towards the soil of Karbala in his lifetime with the foreknowledge of what would happen upon it.

So although it is not compulsory for the Shia to pray on a turba made from the soil of Karbala, it is considered meritorious to do so.

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Thank you for your question. There is no problem in doing that at all.

May you always be successful.

Yes it is allowed. We are prostrating to Allah putting our forehead on the ground or Turbah. We are Not prostrating to the ground or to the Turbah. Those who prostrate on the carpet, are they worshipping the carpet?? Obviously no. Same with prostrating on the Turbah or Mohr or etc.

Names graved on the Turbah does not mean that we are prostrating to the Imams. We prostrate to Allah only.


It is permissible to prostrate on a clay on which something is written, though it is much better to prostrate on plain clay ( Torbah) or Mohr or Sajdagah.