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Raj’at or Raj’ah الرَجعَة means the return to this life after death. This return will be during the government of Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) over the whole world. Allah will bring back to this world the best believers to witness the victory of Ahlul Bayt (AS). Allah will also bring back to this world the worst enemies of Islam to see that and get some of the results of their evil deeds.

Raj’ah is mentioned in Quran (Sura Ghaafir, verse 11).


Kitab al-Fitan by Na'eem ibn Hammaad Al-Maroozi (died 228 Hijri) can not be taken for granted and fully authentic in all its contents and narrations. Many Sunni scholars in Hadeeth like Al-Nasaa'ee and Ibn Hajar and Al-Dhahabi and al-Daar Qutni mentioned Na'eem or Nu'aim ibn Hammaad as not authentic narrator despite the fact the he was a Sunni like them. This narration does not have a continuous chain of authentic narrators, that is why we can not take it as authentic. Anwar Shah Kashmiri was a Deobandi Shaikh in the Indian subcontinent who died in 1933 and his mentioning this narration needs an authentic chain of narrators, which he failed to mention , so we can not take the narration with out that.


Such narration has not been found in any of our authentic books. If you read it is any book, you can ask the author about the source that he has taken from and send that source to us so that we can research the narrators and assess the authenticity of such narration.


Jesus was a human being created by Allah with out a father just like Adam who was a human being created by Allah with out parents.

Jesus is not God nor son of God, but he was a great messenger from God to guide people to worship and obey God.

Worshipping any one apart from God is a major sin.

Jannah (Paradise) is not under our control to judge who will enter in it or not. Allah, The Glorious, Knows who will be granted Paradise because He only Knows everything about everyone from His creatures and grants Paradise according to His full Knowledge and Mercy.