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1, Try to avoid any act or talk which instigates her anxiety or annoys her. You are her husband and supposed to be the closest human being to her so you should try your best to make her feel happy as much as you can.

2. If she has close persons like her mother, sisters, friend etc who might be able to talk to her to leave the idea of divorce, it should good to request them to do that.

3. If she feels that she needs counseling, try to help arranging good and constructive counseling to make her leave the idea of divorce by explains to her the negative side of divorce.


5. Repeat seeking help from Allah by praying :YA GHAFOURU YA WADOUD as many times as you want.


I was hoping that one of sisters will answer this question but as did not see any reply I am answering briefly:

Jealousy of the wife over her husband can be against the rule of Allah Who allowed the man under certain conditions to have another wife. Jealousy against a rule from Allah is direct or indirect objection on Allah's rule, that is why it is bad.
Jealousy of man over his wife is against any relation between his wife and any other man, which is always a sinful act because she is a married woman and never allowed any act or word which can initiate a relation with another man. Husband's jealousy over his wife (without false allegations) is good to protect her and the whole family from a sinful act. You can then compare between a jealousy going against Allah;s rule and a Jealousy to protect the wife and the family from a sinful act.


Pious believing couples who will be granted Paradise will be together in Paradise as well. This is according authentic Hadeeths.Allah will grant each of them the best abilities, health, beauty etc to be the most attractive to the other spouse and make them enjoy being together in the best wonderful way. Allah says in Quran: They and their wives will be in pleasant shade. (Ashraf 36, verse 56).


No question of renewing your Nikah. Your Nikah remains valid no matter how long you don't have intercourse with your wife, even if you are separated for years.

'Nothing in Islam suggests that you should refrain from sexual intercourse with your wife during her pregnancy. Even after child birth, you are allowed sexual intercourse immediately after the post natal bleeding which is ten days or less. Unless your wife is not well.