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You need to know in your mind that you will be reciting the specific Sura

like Ikhlas or al-Qadr or any other Sura. You should not say the name of the Sura during your Salah.


Bismihi ta'ala

In an Islamic marriage contract, it is necessary to stipulate a nuptial gift, or what we call sidāq or mahr, and it can be anything that has a value, like teaching to recite Quran, or a copy of a Quran, etc. 

There are many benefits of having such a mahr and not demanding high mahr. There is a statement from the holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that says the best of the women of my ummah is she with the less mahr.

Mahr is not a sign of love, or a security bond, but only a gesture and token of truthfullness, and anything spiritual will of course carry many benefits in this dunya and in akhirah.

With prayers for your success.

This can happen in few incidents when you find what you think as an answer in the Quranic verses, but it can not be taken fore granted in every case. You need to understand the meaning of the Quranic verses. You might need some times to seek advice from reliable Islamic scholars.


Yes, it is permissible to recite Quran with out Wudhu, though it is recommended to be with Wudhu when reciting Quran. In fact,nit is recommended to be with Wudhu all the time.