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The aim of Mut'ah marriage is to save both man and woman who are not able to get married from falling in sexual sinful thoughts and acts. There is a Hadeeth from Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (AS): In fact, Mut'ah marriage was ordained for the benefit and protection of the women who have no husbands. Married men should not indulge in Mut'ah marriage in a way which makes their wives angry and blame Shariat which allowed Mut'ah. (Al-Kaafi, V. 5, P. 453 narrated from Abul Hasan (AS)).



Asalamu Alaykom, 

You should check this with your marja because some scholars would state that if the intercourse was illegitimate such as the girl committing zina, then she would still count as a virgin and father's permission would be needed. If she however lost her virginity in a legitimate type of way then permission isn't needed. 

May Allah grant you success  

Mut'ah marriage is a type of marriage in Islam which is permissible with Muslim woman or a woman from the People of Book under some conditions. No Mut'ah marriage can be allowed with non Muslim woman who is not from People of Book. If you discover that she is non Muslim, and not from People of Book, it means that there is no Mut'ah marriage at all and it will be Haraam to remain with her. 


Mut'ah marriage is a type of marriage. Permanent marriage is used by some people to gain money and it remains valid marriage. Mut'ah marriage is no difference, can be for gaining financial benefits. The main thing is to follow all the conditions of it which will ensure that it is a marriage protecting both man and woman from falling in sinful sexual acts.

Practically speaking, marriage can not be a continuous business even if it had financial factors in its initiatives.