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It is not allowed to give the Zakat to a person whose financial responsibility is on you like your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, wife, etc.

You must spend on them from your own money if they are poor.

Paying Zakat to your paid employees is permissible under certain conditions. If their expenses are more than their income, so, they are poor. Poor is entitled to receive Zakat. You can not pay Zakat against the work of any one.


It is not allowed to design or make websites or any other media which contain unlawful contents. Money earned from unlawful work is also unlawful and you are not permitted to use it. You must leave such job which requires you to take part in unlawful work. Your income must be completely lawful.


Yes it is permissible to pay Khums before your Khums date, then you take the date of payment as a new date for your next year Khums.


Yes, it is allowed to help any family member from Zakat if he is: 1) Really poor.

2) Abiding to Islamic rules.

3) He should not be a parent or a spouse or a sibling, because it is compulsory to look after the needs of your parents and spouse and siblings from your own money not from Zakat or Khums.

You don't need to inform him if he is entitled to Zakat that it is from Zakat.

It is highly recommended to help the needy relatives as the Hadeeth says: There is no charity when a relative is in need. لا صدقة وذو رحم محتاج.