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We have in our books of Hadeeth and Seerah of the Prophet (SAWA) that he was sleeping less and working and worshiping more. Even in Quran we read: Verily, your Lord knows that you stand (to worship st night) a little less than two thirds of the night, or half of the night or a third of the night) Sura 73, Verse 20.


Sunni and Shia sources mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was poisoned and did not die a natural death. Among Sunni sources mentioned this fact: al-Mustadrak 'Alal Saheehain by al-Haakim al-Neesabouri.

'Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal from Ibn Mas'ood.

The question is who put the poison to poison the Prophet? Some claim that it was a Jewish woman who sent  roasted meat to the Prophet in Khaibar but this claim can not stand because all who have eaten from that poisoned meat died and Allah informed the Prophet that it is poisoned and he did not eat from it. How can he dies after three years of that?

Those who poisoned the Prophet wanted to use that old incident to cover their act.


Imam Ali (AS) was always with the Prophet (SAWA) and he witnessed how some persons led by Umar refused to obey the order of the Prophet (SAWA). Imam Ali (AS) knew their evil intentions when they openly opposed the Prophet (SAWA). The prophetic order to bring writing marerial was not to Imam Ali (AS) but to other companions. The Prophet (SAWA) wanted to write his last will appointing Imam Ali as his successor, and that was the reason of the refusal of Umar and his group to obey the Prophet (SAWA). If he brought it, they will simply deny it and deny the Prophet's other orders and turn against Islam to achieve their evil plans to grasp the government. They have already said about the Prophet (SAWA): the (man) is speaking nonsense إن الرجل ليهجر.

Imam Ali (AS) was always trying to protect Islam and Muslims and never let them fight or leave Islam.


Yes of course. Allah (SWT) Has in His Knowledge based in the Absolute evidence the they are the best of all His creatures in submitting to Allah. They want nothing but what Allah wants. That is why Allah ordered all in Quran to obey Allah, the messenger and Ahlul Bayt(Your divine leaders). (Sura 4, verse 59).