Ask A Question About Islam And Muslims

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It is wrong to take money from any government agency with out having the right for it. Muslim should always be sincere , truthful and honest. 
'You need to return that money to its owners and if can not, then give it to the poor on behalf of the owners and not as a donation from you.


Yes it is a Waqf if it was said orally by the person who was the owner. Registration is good but not a condition for validity.


Answers should be given with certain knowledge, and no one here (as far as I know!) has certain knowledge about everything that is happening outside of our experience or eyes. 

Also, no one can give certain knowledge about the long-term effects of a new substance or medication, even if there is no ill intent, until time passes and we come to understand the complexity of effects. Certainly there are many substances that were originally thought to be safe and now we know they are dangerous. 

So, basically, no one here can give a full answer to "is it safe". 

However, if you are unsure about whether or not you should receive a vaccine, I suggest (a) talking to researchers or health professionals about it, (b) considering your situation and people around you (for instance, are you in a high-risk profession or are people in your household particularly vulnerable) and making the best decision, and (c) if that does not work, do istikahra. 


Sharia law is for Muslims who believe and obey Allah and not for non Muslims.

When Muslims want to implement the Islamic law which is known as Sharia law, it is their decision and no one can object on them as we don't object on people who opt to follow their own way of legislation in any part of the world. It is part of the basic rights to believe in your own faith and implement it.

Holding a government position  in secular countries is permissible for Muslims as far as they don't indulge in injustice or sinful acts.