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Atheists who don't believe in The Creator, Allah, despite seeing the creatures and the Most sophisticating universe which guides to the Biggest Fact of The One Creator, have insisted on denying The Truth. Allah, Knows how to deal with them. May Allah protect us and our families from denying the truth.



Thank you for your question. The general principle in calling towards good and forbidding evil is that it is only applicable if you are sure someone will listen to you. So your duty is dependent on that assessment.

Usually, there is no need to proactively try and convert classmates, but perhaps with your good conduct a person may ask you some questions about your religion and at that point, you may consider the best way to guide them.

May you always be successful

1. Many persons who claim to be atheist do so with out real thinking but just for psychological  reasons like to oppose the family or the atmosphere or to look like different or to show that they are modern ,etc.

We should not take their claim as a studied intellectual decision, unless we discuss with them in neutral atmosphere with out any challenge or instigation.

2. If you are sure that a person has become an atheist, you should look at the reasons and try to understand the background of the situation. 
3. We need to see and assess his arguments and the authority which he believes in, e,g. Intellect or reason, or science etc. We must talk to him in the language which he understands. Those who claim believing in logic and reason, should be given evidence based on logic and reason. We as followers of the Real Islam of the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (AS) have the richest treasure of intellectual and logical evidence.

4. Invite them for dialogue and debate based on what they claim to believe in and be patient and tolerant.

5. Never expect them to accept your evidence right away. They might reject it verbally but keep thinking about it for sometime. Give them the time which they require and keep on presenting the evidence now and then in a polite and respectable way.

6. If an atheist invites other to be like him, you can keep logical principles and rational thinking as your weapon to easily refute his claims and proof him wrong. Never insult nor attack him but counter his argument with logical and rational evidence with etiquette and respect.

7. If the person respects noble personalities like the Prophet Muhammad (S) or Imam Ali (A) or Imam Husain (A), you can remind him with life and sayings of these great leaders who had the maximum level of intellect.

8. Always keep the doors open for dialogue and never lose hope. No one knows when the heart and mind will open and becomes able to see the truth.



Thank you for your question. This is traditionally answered by the using the principle of cause and effect and so for the universe or part of it to exist it would have needed an external cause. As for the hypothesis that the universe created itself, it is completely opposed to the presuppositions of Islamic philosophy and so an argument is not even required to reject it. Rather, the onus of proof is on the person asserting the claim and of course this is something outside of the realm of proof. As a presupposition in itself it therefore can simply be rejected.

May you always be successful