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Bismihi ta'ala

I am sure you know that in Islam, becoming an "adult" is not defined by turning 18 or 21. We see maturity to be reaching the age of taklif, where we become religiously responsible and accountable. 

As Muslims, we also know that obedience to parents has no age limit, and we show our utmost respect and reverence to our parents, as old as we get. The status of parents is above everything, and that is why you should not see it to be "control" in the negative sense.

Parents have authority over us, and in most, if not all cases, they want the best for us. As we grow, we must increase in our level of obedience to our parents, and cater for them as much as possible. We show this to ourselves, and to our children, so our children will learn from us. When we get old, we wont need to struggle, because we have shown our children the right Islamic way of how to treat elders. 

You must not disobey your parents, and always try your best to comply to their requirements and keep them happy with your behaviour and what you do. Please read about what our religion says about parents and the abundant reward we get in this dunya and akhirah when we show our obedience to them. 

Of course, we are talking about normal situations, but if one's parents are indeed evil, abusive and negatively controlling, then that would need to be dealt with in a wise way. 

With prayers for your success. 

We don't have details whether Satan was able to see Hellfire or not but we know that he disobeyed Allah when Allah ordered him to prostrate to Adam. Satan was told that he and all those who will follow him will be in Hellfire (Sura 15, verses 42 and 43).


Bismihi ta'ala

There is a hadith that says: 

لا طاعة لمخلوق في معصية الخالق

There is no obedience to a creation through disobedience to the Creator. 

We cannot obey the laws of others at the cost of disobeying Almighty God. If hijab has been mandated by Almighty God, then we as His worshippers must comply to His law. So, we must not disobey God just to follow what someone else says, even if they are our parents whom we must obey. Our obedience to our parents is obligatory, but not in performing haram acts. 

Clearly, in this case, the parents have a misconstrued approach to how their daughter should appear or conduct herself in public. They might be under the impression that by doing this, she will get married, but of course this is the worst way and its a very damaging approach. 

The daughter should not comply with what her parents want, and respectfully decline, by explaining how unhealthy this approach is.

It's not just a matter of religion, but also on a human value and social level as well. 

In Islam, attraction should not be by the gazing of onlookers, but by personality and moral qualities and righteousness. 

With prayers for your success. 

The Qur'an says that the angels do not disobey God and do as they are commanded (Qur'an 66:6). It is also narrated from Imam 'Ali (A) that the angels do not disobey or tire. From this, we can glean that the angels do not disobey Allah.

Possibly, angels may have the inherently capability to disobey but simply choose not to do so, because they have no reason to do it and no inclination to do it.

This is often understood as being because angels have intellect but no animal desires, unlike human beings, which have both intellect and animals desires, and usually it is either our bodily urges or related traits (such as anger) which cause us to do wrong.

The angels also have a greater awareness of higher realities (such as things pertaining to Allah) as well as the ugliness of some wrong acts, so perhaps this also may contribute to not wishing to do wrong things, unlike people, who are sometimes blind to these things. 

For this reason, stories like that of Fotros can be considered questionable.

God knows best!