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Repeating Istighfaar and Salawaat and Laa ilaaha illallah is very useful in cleaning the heart from the effect of bad acts and bad thoughts. Long Sojood is also very useful especially during night and when you are alone.

Visiting graveyard especially the graves of your parents and people whom you knew is also very useful for better spirituality.

Reciting Quran with clear voice or listening to Quran recitation is also helpful.

Repeating supplication and seeking from Allah to make your heart more clear is very good, e.g. RABBI ESHRAH LI SADRI WA YASSIR LI AMRI رَبِّ اشرَح لي صَدري ويَسِّر لي أمري



Thank you for your question. To diagnose spiritual traits a person needs to be aware of their actions, attitudes and states and then they need reflect on why they act or feel the way they do.

For this reflection it helps to understand some schemas of the soul and how personality development is viewed in Islam. When a person is aware of something that they would like to improve, the next stage is to seek methods that will facilitate that movement towards the desired outcome.

Sometimes simply being aware and controlling impulsive behaviour is enough to deal with some traits and at other times real life changes are the only way to get rid of persistent problems. The ones that need more work are the traits that are more deeply rooted. There are some fundamental changes a person can make to deal with a host of problems, but the development process is a life long journey, full of successes and failures, progression and regression, remembering and forgetting. At the same time, when meaningful change is achieved it results in coming closer to a truly Islamic personality.

May you always be successful 

Side by side with your medical treatment, you can get great benefits from remembering Allah. Remembering Allah is the best remedy for peace of mind. Allah says in Quran ( Surely, by remembering Allah hearts get peace.)(Sura 13, verse 28). These are some examples:
1. Reciting Quran with voice which you can hear or at least listening to Quranic recitation.

2. Reciting and repeating Salawaat and Estighfaar.

3. Reciting Du'a (Supplications) like Du'a Komail, Du'a Abi Hamza, Du'a Sabaah, Du'a Makaarim Al-Akhlaq etc.

4. Reciting Ziyarat Ashura every day.

5. Performing Salat Al-Layl (Namaz e Shab).


This is a very important question for those who really care to improve themselves and achieve a better degrees of success in this life and hereafter. These are few practical steps which can add to spirituality and Taqwa (Piousness):
1. Asking yourself before any act or word whether Allah (SWT) likes it or not? That is the best degree of remembering Allah (SWT) along with continuous remembering him in our heart and tongue.
2. Reciting Quran and Du'a with understanding and pondering and gifting its reward to Imam Al-Mahdi (AS).
3. Performing Nawaafil prayers especially Night Prayer ( SALAT ALLAYL or NAMAZ E SHAB) every night.
4. Talking to Imam e Zaman (AS) every day and night as he listens to us and responds to the pious believers. 
5. Gifting the reward of all our good deeds to Imam Al-Mahdi and all Ahlul Bayt (AS) which will not only multiply our reward, but also make us more near to them.
6. Having best Akhlaq (Manners) with parents, relatives especially your family members and with all people.
7. Being with Wudhu all the times as much as you can.
8. Trying to strengthen our will power by avoiding evil desires and performing good acts even if it can look like difficult like fasting, performing morning Prayer on its time, giving charity,etc. We need to control our desires and never allow our desires to control us.
9. Helping needy people in any possible way for the sake of Allah (SWT).
10. Trying to make believers happy by respecting them, caring for them, smiling in their faces and in any other act of generosity and kindness to them or their families.
11. Performing obligatory Prayers on time with out any delay. Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) performs every Prayer on time, so, your praying on time will make your Prayers elevated to Allah (SWT) with the Prayer of Imam Al-Mahdi (AS).
12. Keeping your most important supplication and wish, the reappearance of Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) and sincerely praying for him, more than praying for yourself and your family.