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Abortion is a major sinful act in Islam act because it is killing a human being in the early stages. There is a sinful act which needs Estighfaar and sincere repentance and a (Diyah) penalty on the person who committed this crime. The amount of the penalty depends on the age of the embryo starting from the moment of the formation of the zygote. Supporting in this major sin is definitely sinful and if the supporter was partner in the abortion, he will be responsible to share the penalty as he shared the crime with same ratio.


Muslim public officer is obliged and responsible as a Muslim to serve his country and society in every possible way provided he does not take part or support injustice, discrimination and any unlawful act. Things which are legal in non Muslim countries but forbidden in Islam like abortion, alcohol, etc, must be avoided by the Muslim officer. You can leave it for other officers who do not have religious obligations against it.

Haraam is Haraam whether you are an officer or not. We as Muslims are responsible to avoid Haraam in every possible way.


Abortion is terminating a developing life of a human being, which started from the formation of the zygote. That is why, abortion is a major sin, unless it is absolutely necessary to save the life of the mother if doctors decide that pregnancy under existing medical condition can kill the mother.

Abortion is not only a major sin, but also has a penalty like the penalty of killing and amount of the penalty depends on the age of the embryo.


Allah says in Quran ( And your Lord creates whatever He wills and chooses, no choice have they.) 28:68.

When the zygote is formed, it means that it was created by Allah, so, no one has the right to terminate the pregnancy. Your husband has no right to kill this embryo by abortion. You need to tell him that he  should not object on the Wisdom and Mercy of Allah which created this embryo. No one knows what is the future of this child but Allah who created it.

Abortion is type of killing of a human being and it is a major sin and has a penalty called  Diyah like the penalty of killing. The only case in which abortion can be allowed is when the life of the mother is in danger because f the pregnancy and there was no way to save the life of the mother but only by abortion.