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Allah says in Quran ( And your Lord creates whatever He wills and chooses, no choice have they.) 28:68.

When the zygote is formed, it means that it was created by Allah, so, no one has the right to terminate the pregnancy. Your husband has no right to kill this embryo by abortion. You need to tell him that he  should not object on the Wisdom and Mercy of Allah which created this embryo. No one knows what is the future of this child but Allah who created it.

Abortion is type of killing of a human being and it is a major sin and has a penalty called  Diyah like the penalty of killing. The only case in which abortion can be allowed is when the life of the mother is in danger because f the pregnancy and there was no way to save the life of the mother but only by abortion.


No need for Ghusl in this case and even it does not harm your fasting. Inserting medical device inside the body does not mean Janabah, so, it does not invalidate your purity and does not need neither Ghusl not Wudhu.


This discharge during pregnancy is not menstruation. It can be what is
called Istihadha. During Istihadha, females must perform Salaah but
she has to perform Wudhu for every Salaah if the quantity of the blood
is small. But if the quantity of the blood fills the whole pad, then
she has to add one Ghusl in the morning before morning prayers and one
Wudhu for every Salaah. If the quantity of the blood is too much that
it not only fills the pad but it leaks out then three Ghusls will be
obligatory - one before morning Salaah, another before Zohr and Asr
and third before Maghrib and Ishaa Salaah.