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Not valid at all.

'Talaq has many conditions to be valid one of them is not be in anger and must be witnessed by two pious men and many other conditions.


Allah (SWT) is pleased with noble deeds done by His sincere servants, and is unhappy with sinful acts and wrong doers.

We should never think that Allah (SWT) has feelings like our feelings. Our feelings are based on benefit or loss and our thinking while Allah (SWT) is above any benefit or loss. The pleasure of Allah means His blessings on the sincere good doers. His anger is the result of bad deeds. Allah is The Absolute Needless and there is no question of any benefit nor loss or materialistic feelings.


1. Recite Estighfaar for her e.g. Ya Allah, forgive her. Keep on seeking forgiveness for her as many times as you can.

2. Give Sadaqa and charity on her behalf.

3. Recite Quran and Du'a and Ziyarat on her behalf.


Such words of Talaq have no value nor any effect on your marriage bond. No doubt, it is wrong to say that but as it does not meet the conditions of Talaq, it has no value. Your marriage remains with out any change.