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Such words of Talaq have no value nor any effect on your marriage bond. No doubt, it is wrong to say that but as it does not meet the conditions of Talaq, it has no value. Your marriage remains with out any change.


This is a big question - many people have challenges in their personalities or temperaments that are long-term projects to work on. However, here is something that you could consider and see if it has any helpful advice ("Imam Ali and Islamic Anger Management by Shaykh Mohamed Ali Ismail")

(I recall he did a workshop some years ago at an Islamic event on practical tips for anger management but I don't know if it is available online; you could try to find it)

Also if you haven't already, you could look through books such as this:

Talaaq has many conditions to be valid. Among the conditions are that
the husband should not be in the state of anger. So the Talaaq which
you mentioned in the state of anger is invalid.

There is another condition in every Talaaq which is that of two pious witnesses hearing
the declaration of Talaaq. Without this condition, no Talaaq is valid.
So the person who was speaking to his wife on phone and told her the
word of ‘Talaaq’, between him and her the Talaaq is invalid because no
two pious men witnessed it.

This person and his wife are still married.


It is very wrong to pray for your own father's death even if he is a very bad person. The supplication against parents  can have very bad effect on you.

You must treat him nicely and pray for his Hidayah ( guidance). and forgiveness.