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Istekhara is seeking guidance from Allah (SWT) in any matter which is permissible in principle and we are unable to decide about it.

If you have already decided an action, there is no point in Istekhara after you have decided.

'Loving something does not mean that it is good for us. Millions of people suffered a lot from things which they loved sometime then discovered later that love was based on mirage not facts. Sensible persons do not rely on love only but on intellect and factual reasons. If you are not sure whether your love is based on facts or emotions, you can go for Istekhara to be guided.


Bismihi ta'ala

A marriage should not be based on the answer of an Istikharah. You must decide on marrying the person based on a combination of things, from being religious, pious, high moral standards, good family, compatibility, shared ambitions, and so on. 

What you should do in the situation you are in is find commonalities and work on the areas in which both of you connect. If he is a good person, and he has positive qualities, for sure things will work out for both of you. It is unrealistic for anyone to assume that we will share all similarities with our spouse, as there are always going to be things we differ on. 

People change as well. You might not feel the connection because you were expecting something else, or had some image of an ideal spouse, or maybe you felt something else, but as you are married now, you are able to find ways in strengthening your bond with your husband. 

With prayers for your success.

as salam alaikum

What has been widely and most-authentically reported from the Prophet and the Ahl al-Bayt is the istikharah performed by du'a that also can be preceded by two-rakat salat.

With prayers for your success.

If the person had the intention not to follow the Istekhara if it come out bad, the Istekhara is invalid. Istekhara means seeking guidance from Allah whether we like it or not. The intention of not following it if it come out bad means that the person is not seeking guidance from Allah through Istekhara, rather wants to dictate what he wants on the Istekhara. Such act is wrong and has no value.