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Very little to add here!

I just wanted to say that there are times in life when it is good to go the extra mile, and there are times in life when you just have to focus on the basics. I am going to guess that, since you are living in a hostel, you are probably not in the best personal or financial situation and have other priorities. 

So, it's great if everything around you can be tahir. It's not good to live around najasa like alcohol. I knew a woman once who was extremely proud of the fact that her entire house, including the toilet, was always tahir. (To which my other friend said, "Is she planning to eat from the toilet??") 

On the other hand, as Seyed Ali Shobayri mentioned, the main sources of concern are: (a) eating and drinking (so, for instance, washing shared cups before using), and (b) purity regarding prayer. Everything else is excellent but may not be your priority right now. 

I hope you are able to find a living situation where you have more control over your environment in the future!


Asalamu Alaykom, 

Usually in a hostel one has their own room but may share a bathroom or kitchen with others. The general rule is that everything is tahir until you see it become najis, so assuming someone made something najis just because they don't know the tahara rules isn't correct. Let's say you do know some things become najis, it isn't wajib for you to make them tahir. You may keep your own pure utensils and also pure clothing for salah. As long as you keep a pure place for salah such as a rug and pure clothing then this is fine. One may also pray on a najis carpet apart from the sujud area provided that the najasa wouldn't transfer on them and remains dry. 

May Allah grant you success 


Thank you for your question. This answer is from the website of Ayatullah Sistani (hA):

Question: Does a woman enter the state of Janabah, if she reaches orgasm without penetration?

Answer: As for the fluid that is discharged from the vagina when a woman engages in foreplay or imagines lustful thoughts and which is not enough to dirty other places [such as her clothing], it is pure and does not require Ghusl to be performed and nor does it invalidate Wuḍū. However, if the discharged fluid is a lot – to the extent that it can be called an ‘ejaculation’ and it dirties clothing – then in case it is discharged when the woman reaches sexual climax and complete sexual satisfaction (orgasm), it is impure and causes Janābah. In fact, even if it is not discharged at that moment, based on obligatory precaution it is impure and causes janābah. And whenever a woman doubts whether or not a discharge of fluid was to this extent, or she doubts whether or not fluid was discharged at all, performing Ghusl is not obligatory on her and nor does it invalidate Wuḍūʾ and Ghusl.

May you always be successful 

Every rule in Islam is based on our interest and avoiding us any harm. We do not know all the details of the reason but Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAWA) know the full reasons. We trust Allah and His Messenger and believe that dog is Najis because it is harmful for us to be in contact with dog.

Many medical scientists confirmed that many dangerous parasites can come to humans from contact with dog.

Journal of Medicine and Life stated : Dogs are a major reservoir for zoonotic infections.Dogs transmit several viral a bacterial diseases to humans.zoonotic diseases can be transmitted to humans by infected saliva aerosols,contaminated urine and feces and direct contact with the dog.