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The narrated Hadeeth says: The person who sincerely repents his sins is like a person who has no sins.  التائب من الذنب كمن لا ذنب له

It depends on the degree of the sincerity in the repentance and the firm decision not to commit that sin again.

Some very sincere believers who committed sinful acts in their past, then repented and became very pious, not only get forgiveness, but their sins are transferred into good deeds, as we read in Quran (Exceot those who repent and believe and do good, those whose sinful deeds will be changed by Allah into good deeds, verily Allah forging and merciful) (Al-Forqan:70).

Narrated Hadeeth says: When a believer sincerely repents and become pious, Allah makes people and angels who witnessed his previous sins, gorges his sins.


The grave of the sincere obedient believer is a garden from Paradise as the Hadeeth says. In Sura Al-Waqi'ah we read how the great pleasant result of sincere faith and obedience starts immediately on the time of death. The happiness of the sincere believers starts on leaving this world and their Barzakh is the beginning of the happiness of Paradise.


Qur'an 17:71: The day [when] We will call all people with their imam. And those who are given their book in their right hand are the ones who shall read their books, and they shall not be treated unjustly in the slightest. 

A Muslim child who dies in a young age i.e. childhood before puberty
(Buloogh) will not be accountable for any of the obligatory worships and duties  because obligatories start only after Buloogh. Allah SWT will grant all the
Muslim children the Paradise and also grant them to intercede
(Shafa’at) for their parents. The Hadeeth says : When Muslim children
die, they will be looked after near the Paradise by Lady Sarah, the
wife of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and when the Angels tell them to enter
Paradise, they will say: We wait for our parents to enter with us.

Children of non Muslim parents will not be punished in the Day of Judgment but will be given full chance  to know the true faith and chose.