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As he performs his obligatory Prayers in any case even if you don't remind him, and feels annoyed when you remind him about not to delay it, you should avoid annoying him. You may gently mention to him what the Prophet and Ahlul Bayt (AS) said about the great reward of praying on time, but avoid making him feel insulted.



Asalamu Alaykom, 

It isn't wajib for one's parents to live with them. Yes, one can live with the in-laws however in many cases it has caused issues in marriages. It is your right upon your husband to have a comfortable home and your own privacy. Yes, he can perhaps get his mother to move closer if he wants to have a good relationship with her but it wouldn't be recommend for her to move in if this would cause you discomfort. This should be voiced to your husband that it isn't obliged for you to accept this if it may cause issues. 

May Allah grant you success 

Your husband's step father is non Mahram to you and to your future daughters as well, simply because he is not the biological father of your husband.


This is unusual for a person to ask to be whipped or tortured. I think he should see a doctor.

You should not whip nor torture your husband at all but help him to be treated properly to be a mentally healthy man.