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Repeated doubts in worship acts like Wudu, Ghusl, Namaz etc should ignored.

It is always good to seek forgiveness even if you are not sure about the sin. The Prophet (SAWA) used to repeat Istighfaar despite the fact the he was the greatest Infallible. Istighfaar by itself has lot of benefits in our life here and hereafter.



Thank you for your question. One of the conditions for amr bi al-ma'ruf and nahy an al-mukar is that it should have an effect. So if you are sure certain actions will not have an effect the conditions to carry out that action have not been fulfilled.

May you always be successful

It is good to be a scholar, and it is good to be a doctor. Society needs people do to all the different jobs, or else it wouldn't function. Ideally, it is good for you to do the job that you are most talented at and most committed to.

It is narrated that the Prophet (S) said: ‘Knowledge is of two categories:
knowledge of religions and knowledge of the physical body.’ So this narration celebrates and values both kinds of knowledge (religious and medical).

(Of course there are other important jobs and fields of study as well!)

As you know, there are many narrations from the Prophet (S) and Ahl al-Bayt (A) about various medical ailments, so it was clearly a subject that was important to them. So inshallah you are also following in their footsteps by being a doctor. 

You must be sure that the person is really a malicious and there is risk on your friend from him. You can then hint to your friend to be careful before dealing with people.