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You must avoid hurting the feelings of your mother. She does not want for you but the best,so, you should consider her wish even if it seems to you now against your wish, but be sure that success can never achieved through hurting the feelings of your parents.

Listen to your mother and keep her respect, and be sure that Allah (SWT) will look after you and grant you success from unexpected sources, and protect you from unseen dangers.


After doing your best to prevent or stop wrong, you will not be responsible for the sins of others even at your own home. You must do whatever you can, and no more than your ability.


Intentional looking at the sinful items is not permissible. If he looked at it with out intention to look at the bad, it won't be sinful. It always important to be away from sinful acts and be very precautious.


This is Not true at all. There is a narration in this meaning in some Sunni books but has authentic narrators, hence has no value among our authentic scholars.