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There is no Kaffara on non Baligh child, but if his parents wish to pay a Kaffara, they can do so but it is not obligatory neither on them nor on the child.


If you deliberately broke any the fast of any day of the month of Ramadan, you need to pay Kaffara beside Qaza and Istighfaar. Kaffara for every day of broken or deliberately missed fast is feeding sixty poor believers. Feeding means giving them one meal of food or at least 750 grams of wheat or rice or any food item.

If broke the fast  with out knowing that it is obligatory on you to fast, then just Qaza of the fast is enough.


If you are sure that you made a Nadhr, then you must fulfill it in every possible way. If you are not sure that you made a Nadhr, then nothing is obligatory on you.
If you did a Nadhr and you deliberately did not fulfill it, there is a Kaffara on you which is: feeding ten poor believers or clothing them. If you are unable to afford that then fasting three days.


Bismihi ta'ala

You do not need to pay a kaffarah. 

All you must do is redo that day as qadha`. 

And Allah knows best.