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According the verdict of Ayatullah Sistani and many other great scholars, it is permissible to touch the translation of the meanings of Quran in any language except the name of Allah in any language.


Bismihi ta'ala

Yes, it is permissible to keep on wearing an amulet, talisman, stone, etc. If the verses, Divine Names, or names of Ma'sumeen (a.s.) appear on the outside, then you should avoid touching it. Or, you are able to laminate it, or cover it with clear coloured nail polish, to avoid accidentally touching it. 

Yes, you can also read more than seven verses. the only verses you must not read are the verses that have a wajib sajdah. 

These verses are in Surah Fussilat, Najm, Sajdah and 'Alaq. 

And Allah knows best.

This is normal. 

Dealing with one's urges when they are inconvenient is also part of the human condition. Unfortunately there is currently no solution to one of the problems of modernity: that biological maturity (puberty) happens before social maturity (at which time one usually marries).

Islamically, the shariah-prescribed options are marriage (regardless of whether it involves traditional social roles or not, what form it takes, etc) or abstinence. 

Marriage: That's between yourself and your family and your personal/social situation. There are other questions here that discuss that which you could look at.

Abstinence: Forewarned is forearmed. Since you know what days will be more challenging, you can explore what sort of interventions help calm your hormones down. Some women find it helpful to exercise more or avoid certain foods around those days (especially chocolate, meat, or animal products - especially given how many hormones are given to animals today). One can also simply try to think about other things.

Fasting doesn't usually seem to have the same effect on women that it seems to on men with respect to calming down one's urgers (in fact many women say it has the opposite effect), but everyone is different.

Ideally, the higher side of the human being should control the animal side, in a way that a horseman controls his steed. In reality, this is often a work in progress for people. But, there is a virtue in trying.

Bismihi ta'ala

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