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Your prayer is valid and you do not need to pray again. Cleaning the area of the discharge is good but it is not a condition for validity of you Prayer. This is when the discharge is not blood. If it was blood which came out and made pats of your outer body Najis, then you need to wash and clean it.



Thank you for your question. On the night of Decree God decrees the affairs of His creation for the next year. As such a female's menstrual cycle does not prevent her from benefiting from the blessings of that night. There are some acts of worship she cannot do, like praying a obligatory prayer. But there are many more acts that she can do like supplicating, remembering Allah, reading Qur'an and so on.

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There are some Ahkaam in religion that have no justification except "obedience" and this matter is among them.
If one is obedient to God, he/she should say ok my Lord.
Some have tried to raise some justifications that I think none of them are true and we can't accept them as a reason behind this legislation.

No fasting during menstruation period. Minimum period of menstrual cycle bleeding is three continuous days and maximum is ten days. Any bleeding less than three days is not menstruation and she has to fast and pray Salah.