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Yes it is allowed to say that as a Du'a. Every Du'a is permissible during Namaz.



Thank you for your question. In this situation (if you are not sure if you have prayed 2 or 3 rakats), if you are not someone who doubts too much, you would have to pray the fajr prayer gain.

May you always be successful.

Raising the finger while reciting the Tashahhaud in prayers is an act
which was never done by the Holy Prophet (SAWA) nor his holy ProgenyAhlul Bayt
(AS). This is done by some Muslims without authentic evidence and
there are different claims of ways of doing it among the Sunni groups. But all
the ways they do it are not authentic. There are Sunni scholars who do not do it and say that it is wrong to do it.

We must perform our Salaah as the Holy Prophet (SAWA) did it and as he ordered all Muslims saying : Pray Salaah as you saw me performing it.