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Your husband's step father is non Mahram to you and to your future daughters as well, simply because he is not the biological father of your husband.


It depends on the father's statement whether he meant giving her the full choice to marry whom ever she selects in Nikah or Mut'ah marriage.

If he was meaning permanent marriage Nikah only, then she still needs her  father's permission for Mut'ah.


Step-dad of your husband in non Mahram to you and to your daughters. If he has a real son who can enter with you in a verbal temporary marriage contract for a short while with out consummating it , that will make his father (the step-dad) Mahram to you and your daughters. If that verbal contract is done with your daughter, his real father ( the step-father) will be Mahram to your daughter.


After removing the share of living parent if any, and any loan or will of the deceased, the remaining should be divided into six equal shares, two shares for the son, and one share for every daughter.