First and foremost, I would like to thank Prof. M.S. Bahmanpour for his gracious and copious assistance and valuable criticism. Despite his busy schedule, he never once refused any request for help. In addition to being an excellent teacher, he was also a perfect supervisor, and so I would like to add to his workload by recommending him to all.

Next, I would like to thank M. Samiei for supplying me with the Dirayah al-Noor software and for answering questions on hadith narrators, as well as Dr. J Hussain for assisting in the translation of difficult words.

I also would like to thank my gifted classmate, Afzal Sumer, for pointing me to the chapter on the raj‘ah in Islam Without Allah? and for lending me Colin Turner’s article about the Hadith of Mufaddal.

Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Mesbahi, Dr. K. Toussi, Mrs. Murphy, S. Jafri, and the rest of the staff at the Islamic College for their encouragement and support.